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Destinations   5%  2%  Student Profiles

 Gap Year Further Education
 Through both Years 12 and 13 we run a well-developed   Joe Greenwood                Kelly Henderson                                    Tom Roberts
 Futures Programme to help our students plan for the next   Year 12 student          Year 12 student                                    Year 12 student
                                  For my A Levels, I am
                                                                                     I am studying A Levels in
                                                                                                                                        I am studying A Levels in
 stage in their education.        studying Maths, Further                            Art, Craft and Design and                          History, Psychology and
 41%                              Maths, Computer Science                            Spanish alongside a Level                          Computer Science. With these
 of University   2017  83%        and Chemistry. Following my                        3 qualification in Health and                      subjects I hope to be able to
 We also arrange for mock interviews.   students are   University  time at Cockermouth School,   Social Care. When I leave              study at a university and then
 at Russell
 The majority of our students progress to   group & top   Total students: 109  I hope to study Aerospace   school I am considering      become a teacher or take
 university, including Oxford, Cambridge   20 institutions  Engineering – subsequently I   teaching Health and Social                   on a higher apprenticeship
 and Russell Group institutions.
                                  would like to work in either the                   Care after studying at                             with Sellafield in project
           United States or Europe for a major aerospace company,   university, or doing a teaching apprenticeship. For my   management. Both depend on the grades I get at the end
 We run an Oxbridge programme and ten   such as SpaceX, Boeing Lockheed Martin or Airbus.   Enrichment I am helping out with Year 8 and Year 9 classes   of Year 13.
 students have taken up places at Oxford                      lower down the school and do Form Attachment to gain
 and Cambridge in the last two years.    For my enrichment activities I am learning to drive and   experience of working with children. At lunch times I help   For my Enrichment so far, I have been assisting teaching
 A significant number also take up Higher   later hope to gain other qualifications, such as Powerboat   supervise the study/homework rooms for the younger   in lessons of Computer Science and ICT. I have also
 Level Apprenticeships including some with   licenses. I am also helping Year 7 students in their   students in school.   volunteered to run supervised study rooms for Year 11
 degree programmes.   Computer Science lessons which is something I really                                       and Year 10 students. Sixth Form is completely different
 The main focus is on securing excellent   Mr Duncan Murray  2%  enjoy.   What do I enjoy about Sixth Form? The people and the   to lower years in school. Being allowed to go into town
 Further  4%
 progression for our young people. Our   Head of Year 13  6%  Education Other  atmosphere. Teachers treat you a lot more like adults   for lunch and having free periods are both bonuses, and
 specialist Sixth Form tutor team supports   Gap Year  My advice for a Year 11 student would be as always, hard   and trust you to get on with things. The free periods and   having our separate area of the school just for Sixth Form
 students with personal statements, CV   17%  work will deliver results. I would advise an aspiring Sixth   private study time is really useful for me as I can get a   is good.
 writing and preparing for life post    Apprenticeships   Form student to keep as many options open to them   lot of my work done in those lessons. This will definitely
 Sixth Form.   as they can, to do extra research and attend courses in   help me when it comes to revision for the exams as I will   Before picking your A levels you need to make sure you
           any field they find interesting in the long summer after   be able to fit in certain periods dedicated to revision and   enjoy them because there is a lot of work that comes with
 We invite in a number of speakers from   GCSEs. For example, I attended a couple of Smallpeice   be able to get on with it quietly. I also enjoy break times   them. Don’t underestimate the amount of content you will
 a range of universities, apprenticeship   39%  engineering courses – as well as knowledge of subjects,   and lunch times in the common room. It’s a really friendly   need to learn for your subjects, but you will get help and
 providers, former students and   of University   2016  71%  these gave me exponentially improved teamwork and   atmosphere and everyone talks to everyone.   support to make the right choices.
 representatives from local business to   students are   Total students: 126  University  co-ordination skills, whilst also allowing me to visit and
 at Russell
 speak to the students to help inform    group & top   really see what several universities are actually like.  My advice for Year 11 students: use your free time wisely,
 their choices.   20 institutions  Above all, I would recommend you keep a close eye on   as it means you will have more time to yourself outside of  “A positive attitude will help
           how you are performing, be prepared to ask for help and   school. If you are nervous about coming to Sixth Form,
           ensure you have a good balance between work and play.  don’t be, as everyone is really friendly, you get loads of   you discover so many
                                                              help if you need it and the teachers are really supportive.

 students take advantage of a wide range of academic, social and cultural opportunities

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