Page 3 - Cockermouth School 6th Form Prospectus Sept 2017
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Welcome to our Sixth Form

 aspire    Cockermouth School Sixth Form is a popular and successful place that offers all of

           our students the highest quality educational experience; an experience founded on
           superb teaching, strong support and hard work.
 enjoy                                            are recognised as being in the top 10

                                                  percent of Sixth Forms nationally and
                                                  the diverse range of destinations of
                                                  our students reflects the fully inclusive
                                                  nature of our school. Whether your
 include   Our Sixth Form is a vibrant place and   aim is to attend Oxford, Cambridge or

                                                  other top universities; or to achieve a
                                                  high-quality apprenticeship or well-paid
                                                  local employment, we will support you
                                                  and stretch you to achieve your very
                                                  best. All students are valued equally at
                                                  Cockermouth School.

           contributions that our students make to
                                                  helping students maximise their potential
 community  we are proud of the energy and positive   Our Sixth Form team is dedicated to
           our school. We have high expectations
                                                  whilst here. The advice and support that
                                                  our students receive is of the very highest
           of our Sixth Form students regarding the
                                                  quality and enables them to succeed
           work they must do to achieve academic
           success, and we are clear that they play a
                                                  in all areas of Sixth Form life. We value
           role in leading the school community and
                                                  the specialist teaching that is integral to
           being role models for younger students.
                                                  our students to enrich their experience of
                                                  Cockermouth School by supporting our
           We are a high-achieving Sixth Form     academic success and we also challenge
           and we are delighted with the academic   school and local community. For us, true
           achievements of our students; whether   success is measured by what is achieved   “The advice and support that our students
           they follow a traditional route of A Levels,   both inside and outside the classroom.
           or take advantage of the vocational                                          receive is of the very highest quality.”
           courses that we offer. The progress    Dr Rob Petrie BSc PhD
           made by our students is such that we   Headteacher
                                   inspirational learning through exceptional and stimulating teaching

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