Page 12 - 6th Form Prospectus 2019
P. 12


          Enrichment is an essential part of Sixth Form life;
          it inspires students to broaden their horizons, and
          encourages them to try something new and give
          something back to our community.

          Through our Enrichment Programme,     Volunteering can include placements at
          students are encouraged to develop a   the Food Bank, with Age UK, and work for
          broad range of skills and competences   local and national charities. Many students
          such as confidence, resilience,       also volunteer in school, supporting
          organisational skills, leadership, teamwork   younger students within lessons, form
          and communication to help them succeed   attachment programmes, or in our
          in life beyond school. The programme has   Learning Support Department. Mentoring
          three strands:                        younger students is an important role for
                                                our Sixth Form students.
          Personal Development can include
          academic enrichment through the study
          of an online course (MOOC). Other
          opportunities include music, school
          production, sport, Young Enterprise and
          swarm project, to name but a few.

          Work Experience can include
          placements organised by students in the
          school holidays, or placements overseen
          by school on a Wednesday afternoon
          in local primary schools, veterinary
          and dental practices and other local
          businesses. We encourage students to
          apply to Dream Placement and have a
          designated work experience week at the
          end of the summer term.

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