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Student Profiles

                                  Joe Hudd                                           Sophie Spalding                                    Matthew Morris
                                  Year 12 student                                    Year 12 student                                    Year 12 student
                                  I am studying A Levels in                          I am studying A Levels in                          I am studying A Levels in
                                  Mathematics, Geography and                         French, Spanish and English                        Chemistry, Biology and
                                  History. Upon leaving school,                      Literature. Following my A                         Mathematics. I am studying
                                  providing I attain the grades                      Level studies, I hope to go on                     these subjects as I find them
                                  necessary, I hope to study                         to university to study modern                      interesting and really enjoy
                                  Geography or Economics                             languages, with the dream of                       them. After Sixth Form, I hope
                                  at university. Currently I go                      becoming a language teacher.                       to go to university to study
           running during enrichment and in the future, I hope to be                                             medicine and then go into surgery.
           able to help lower school students with their studies.   Enrichment activities in the Sixth Form allow me to develop
                                                              my social skills, as well as enlightening me in the world of   For my enrichment I am currently doing work experience
           The contrast between Sixth Form and GCSEs has been   work. For my activities, I currently help in a Year 7 French   at Cockermouth hospital pharmacy, which offers me the
           refreshing to me. I enjoy the independence of teachers   class and a Year 11 Spanish class, as well as volunteering   opportunity to look into the broader world of medicine. I
           allowing you to get on with work, going into town for lunch   at a local primary school, which is something I particularly   am also helping in Year 7 lessons in maths and biology. In
           and being able to control how I revise in my free periods   enjoy.                                    my free periods, I am also studying an online course on
           – having our own space to work in is really convenient.                                               chronic infections, which is to enrich my knowledge in the
           My advice to students in Year 11 would be to work   What’s so great about our Sixth Form? The fact that the   field of health.
           smarter, not harder; use your free time effectively as this   teachers trust you to work independently, whilst also
           will allow you to enjoy your studies more. When picking   providing support if needed. I think the private study   Sixth Form at Cockermouth School is great; I get to spend
           your A Levels, you need to make sure you really enjoy   sessions are especially useful because they supply a   lots of time with my friends during break and lunch times,
           the subjects as you must devote a vast amount of time to   calm, quiet and relaxed atmosphere where I can do a lot   which gives me time to relax between lessons. Also, in
           each. Don’t underestimate how tricky Sixth Form can be,   of the homework I am set efficiently. The atmosphere in   Sixth Form you are treated more like an adult and are
           but realise the great deal of help and support you can and   the common room always feels relaxed and everyone is   trusted to do work in free periods.
           will get along the way - just make sure you ask.   friendly towards one another, so I definitely enjoy spending
                                                              time in there.                                     Advice I would give to Year 11 students who are wanting
                                                                                                                 to study at Sixth Form is to make sure the subjects you
          “The contrast between Sixth                         My advice to Year 11 students is to make sure that you are   pick are ones that you will enjoy and to use your free time
                                                              prepared to put a lot of effort and time into your A Level
                                                                                                                 wisely so that you don’t fall behind as it is harder to catch
           Form and GCSEs has been                            choices; in other words make sure you enjoy them. If you   up in A Levels.
                                                              feel anxious about joining the Sixth Form, you shouldn’t
           refreshing to me.”                                 because the teachers are really supportive and there are
                                                              so many friendly faces you can talk to.
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