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Pastoral Care

           Our aim is for all of our students to enjoy school and to feel
           cared for and supported. We believe passionately that our
           success as a school depends on ensuring that each of our
           students are respected, feel confident and understand and

           support our core values.

                                                  We place high expectations on our students
                                                  and look for them to demonstrate good
                                                  manners, excellent levels of behaviour and
                                                  the attitude that allows them to succeed and
                                                  develop inside and outside of school.

                                                  We are incredibly proud of our students and
                                                  through our pastoral system, we always try
                                                  to give the best possible advice and support
                                                  when it is needed. We deal with issues
                                                  sensitively and effectively. As a community
                                                  school we take pride in the contribution of our
                                                  students and the standards that they aspire to
                                                  and display on a daily basis.
           Mr Ian Routledge
           Director of Pastoral Support – Year 7
           and Primary Liaison

                                  a positive learning environment where students thrive and succeed

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