Page 8 - Cockermouth School Prospectus
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          We value everyone’s contribution to the life of

          the school and recognise that different students
          have different strengths. As a result we support
          the needs of all students as individuals to allow
          everyone to fulfil their potential.

          We celebrate the wide range of cultural
          influences that shape our lives, engaging
          with different cultures and opportunities to
          develop the skills and attitudes needed for
          life in a diverse country.

          We encourage honesty, integrity and dignity
          in recognising right and wrong, and by doing
          so respect the law, accepting responsibility
          for our actions and their consequences.

          Our students develop and demonstrate
          virtues of care, forgiveness, trustworthiness,
          helpfulness, courtesy and politeness in their
          interactions with others. They reflect on
          experiences and develop character, personal
          values and beliefs, while exploring and
          valuing those of others with humility.

          Our Inclusion Centre provides emotional
          and practical support to our most vulnerable
          students so they feel safe, supported and
          listened to.

                                                   we embrace diversity and celebrate our differences

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