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Firefly - Moving to Cloud

Cockermouth School's Firefly VLE has moved to a Cloud-based service.  This means that Firefly will now be accessable via Firefly's own servers, rather than residing on the school's network. This will provide an improved experience in terms of both speed and reliability during heavy use.

The way that you access Firefly has changed:

  • If you are accessing using the Web, the link has changed to: https://cockermouth.fireflycloud.net
  • If you are accessing using the App, there is no need to download a new version, but you must log out of the App before re-accessing Firefly or resetting your password.

Parents/Carers ONLY:

Parents and Carers sign-in using the default Cloud Users (Parents/Carers) logon.
You will be required to update your Firefly password.

  • If you are using the Parent App, sign out of it using the log out option. (accessed via settings in the menu on android or the more tab on Apple.iOS)
  • On the logon screen - using either the Web version or App, select Forgotton your password.
  • Enter your email address (this must be the email address given to the school for communications)
  • Click the Reset Password button.
  • An email will be sent providing a link for you to set your password.
  • Web Version: Once you have set your password, you can sign into Firefly Web Version using your email address and the new password.
  • App Version: Enter the School Code: COCKERMOUTH.  Sign into Firefly App Version using your email address and the new password.

Students and Staff ONLY:

Students and staff will now sign in using the Office 365 (Students and Staff) logon option shown highlighted in red:

This option is to the right of the main Parental logon on the main Firefly logon page.

There is NO requirement to reset your password for students and staff.

To access Firefly, simply select the Office 365 (Students and Staff) option, then enter your school email address (schoolusername@cockermouthschool.org) - NOT just your normal school username, and the password you would normally use to access the network at school.

Using the Student App:
Students using the App should use the log out option (under settings in the menu on android or more on Apple iOS), and then sign back in using the Office 365 (Students and Staff) logon option.  This is accessed by swiping to the bottom of the logon screen on the App.

The school code is: COCKERMOUTH

For students, instructions for logging out of the app are here:
Android: https://helpcentre.fireflylearning.com/students/app/android/settings/logging-out 
IOS: https://helpcentre.fireflylearning.com/students/app/ios/settings/logging-out


  • Parents/Carers and students: If you have any issues with gaining access, please contact the School's IT Support department at: fireflyhelp@cockermouthschool.org
  • Staff: please log any issues via the IT Helpdesk.