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Key Staff


Senior Leadership Team

Rob Petrie

Dr Rob Petrie BSc [Hons] PhD : Headteacher

  • Strategic development, direction, planning and vision.
  • 3-5 year strategic plan, action and review.
  • Development of future opportunities (e.g. Multi Academy Trust, Teaching School Alliance, School expansion, Site plan…).
  • Raising the profile of Cockermouth School locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Coordination of Ofsted preparation.
  • Coordination of School Improvement Plan.
  • Oversight of recruitment plan and staffing structure.
  • Accountability to Governors and Trust Boards.
  • Development of external partnerships – local and national business links, local and national educational links.
  • Development of funding opportunities through links: Condition Improvement Fund bids, Strategic School Improvement Fund bids, sponsorship opportunities, careers opportunities.
  • Chair of Strategic Senior Leadership Team meetings and termly off-site meetings.
  • Line Management: Deputy Headteachers, Business Manager.

Mr Richard King BSc [Hons] : Deputy Headteacher - Teaching & Learning

  • Full contribution to strategic planning and direction.
  • Implementation of strategic plan in line with agreed shared vision of the school.
  • Development of the annual School Improvement Plan in consultation with the Headteacher and Governors, within the framework of the 3-5 year plan.
  • Implementation of, and accountability for the annual School Improvement Plan to the Headteacher and Governing Body.
  • Day to day operational running of the school.
  • Reviews of departmental performance and coordination/accountability of departmental action plans and teaching and learning development plans.
  • Coordination of Pupil Premium/Catch-Up Premium strategy (with Assistant Headteacher - Closing the Gap).
  • Coordination of staff absence/leave and Performance Management of teaching staff: Personal Professional Development/Personal Improvement Plan/Capability.
  • Coordination of Initial Teacher Training/Newly Qualified Teacher/Recently Qualified Teacher plans.
  • Chair of weekly Operational Senior Leadership Team meetings.
  • Coordinate strategic curriculum development.
  • Line Management: Assistant Headteacher – Pastoral Care, Assistant Headteacher – Closing the Gap, Assistant Headteacher - Safeguarding.
 Dr Henley.jpg

Dr Michelle Henley MA (Cantab) MEd PhD : Deputy Headteacher – Teaching, Learning & Behaviour

  • Improving the quality and consistency of teaching and learning.
  • Strategic plan for improving behaviour.
  • Significant contribution to the development of annual School Improvement Plan.
  • Improve and develop understanding of what good learning looks like.
  • Develop accurate methodologies for assessing effective teaching and learning.
  • INSET/Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programmes for teaching staff.
  • Control of CPD budget.
  • Middle leadership team development.
  • Strategic plan for improving the quality of homework.
  • Strategic plan for improving marking and feedback.
  • Strategic plan for improving the quality of cover work.
  • Line Management: Head of Year 10, Heads of English, Geography, History, Director of Research.

Mr Rik Smith BSc [Hons] : Deputy Headteacher – Student Progress (temporary for 1 year)

  • Raising standards of attainment and progress for all students (including Post 16).
  • Cohort analysis and intervention to narrow all gaps.
  • Assessment and reporting to parents.
  • Internal/External data analysis and reporting to Governors.
  • Tracking student progress at all stages including Alps, SISRA, Progress 8 and Assessment Without Levels.
  • Attainment and progress of disadvantaged students.
  • Generation of Pupil Premium/Catch-up premium strategy data.
  • Student target setting.
  • School target setting (with colleagues).
  • Coordination of revision/intervention programmes.
  • Staffing analysis and timetabling.
  • Coordination of duties.
  • Line Management: Head of Year 11, Heads of Languages, Science, Director of Sixth Form.

Mrs Sue Bamforth FCMA CGMA : Business Manager

  • Strategic planning for future financial security.
  • Managing, monitoring and reporting budget.
  • Company Secretary.
  • Staff salary scales, cost analysis and benefits.
  • Middle leader HR training and development.
  • Procurement and Value for Money.
  • Depreciation of fixed assets.
  • Legal services, contracts, employment and HR coordination.
  • Site management and maintenance, canteen, facilities, Health & Safety.
  • External facilities and income generation.
  • ICT support and website.
  • Development of ICT Strategy for the school.
  • Line Management: Mangers of Cover, Finance, Network, Premises.

Mr Ian Routledge BSc [Hons] : Assistant Headteacher – Pastoral Care

  • Strategic development of Primary Liaison.
  • Transition into secondary school.
  • Nurture/Strive 2 Succeed group.
  • Open Evening coordination.
  • Marketing (all school).
  • Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead.
  • Staff Welfare - Staff Council, Staff Wellbeing, Staff Workload, Staff Welfare concerns.
  • Strategic plan for improving staff wellbeing.
  • Strategic plan for tackling staff workload issues.
  • Strategic plan for improving attendance.
  • Coordination of Inclusion provision.
  • Coordination of tutor teams and tutor programmes.
  • Line Management: Head of Year 7, Heads of Design Technology, Food & Nutrition, Personal Development/Religious Studies.

Mr Steve Milledge BA [Hons] MA : Assistant Headteacher – Safeguarding

  • Designated Safeguarding Lead.
  • Representative at Local Inclusion Panel.
  • Alternative Provision (with Deputy Headteacher – Student Progress).
  • Site Security (with Business Manager).
  • Special Educational Needs and Disability Coordination/Strategic leadership of Strategically Resourced Provision/Learning Support Department.
  • Coordination of Early Helps.
  • Staff training – Safeguarding.
  • Strategic plan for improving the safeguarding culture in school.
  • Eco School.
  • Designated Children Looked After Lead.
  • Healthcare and Medical Needs Plans.
  • Line Management: Head of Year 9, Heads of Business/Economics, Learning Support/Strategically Resourced Provision, Physical Education, Director of Mathematics.

Mr Hugh Carter BA PGCE : Assistant Headteacher – Closing the Gap (temporary for 1 year)

  • Raising standards of attainment & progress for all students (including Post-16).
  • Cohort analysis and intervention to narrow all gaps.
  • Internal/External data analysis of cohorts and reporting to Governors.
  • Attainment and progress of disadvantaged students/other cohorts.
  • Pupil Premium/Catch-up premium strategy and reporting.
  • Coordination of pupil premium plans.
  • Strategy for raising boys’ attainment/achievement.
  • Coordination of Careers strategy throughout school.
  • Preferences.
  • Information, Advice and Guidance (with Director of Sixth Form).
  • Line Management: Head of Year 8, Heads of Art, Drama, Music.

All staff may be contacted by calling school Reception on 01900 898888 or emailing reception@cockermouthschool.org. 

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Our Head of Learning Support Department / Strategically Resourced Provision for Autism and SENco, Mrs Sarah Johnson, can be contacted by email johnsons@cockermouthschool.org or telephone 01900 898888