at Cockermouth School

Business Studies

Business Studies is available as a GCSE and A Level option subject. In both courses the key aspects of Marketing, Finance, Production and Human Resources are studied. The courses encourage students to use and develop a range of transferable skills including discursive and analytical techniques.

The department uses a range of printed and electronic resources along with courses, competitions and organizational links to provide a diverse range of relevant and current stimuli. Economics and Business Studies are both ‘real world’ subjects that require students to engage with examples, case studies and news, and also to work effectively as individuals, in groups and with a range of other sources.

Business is a popular course option at both GCSE and Post-16. We are based in the new building and have two dedicated ICT equipped classrooms. Students are taught by a highly qualified and experienced staff.

Our successful uptake is probably driven by the appreciation by students of the importance of knowing about how and why businesses operate. The jobs and careers marketplace is becoming ever more competitive and it is essential that applicants understand the world in which they will be working, and competing for work.

All our courses are well resourced and work well with other subject options.

Key Stage 4

The Key Stage 4 course that we offer is a traditional single GCSE in Business. The course follows a logical timeline through the life cycle of a business, from first ideas, through set-up to growth, expansion and ultimately nationwide activity.

The course covers the five key areas of Strategy, Finance, Personnel, Marketing and Operations, and we use a wide variety of resources (both paper and electronic) to support learning. Students are issued with a core text, and workbook to assist their studies.

The course is assessed through two exams and a controlled assessment based around the study of a local small business.

Successful students are those who are willing to learn theory, apply it to reality and work well with case studies.

Key Stage 5

The Post-16 course that we offer is BTEC National Level 3 Business. This is an A Level equivalent course with a specific focus on real-world application of the knowledge learned.

As with GCSE, the same five key areas of Strategy, Finance, Personnel, Marketing and Operations are studied and the knowledge and skills gained are demonstrated through the production of variety of detailed, research based, assignments and projects.

Outside the Classroom

As a department we offer a range of opportunities including Young Enterprise, Student Investor and other competitions. Learning is further supported through attendance at revision workshops and by engaging with speakers and business visits. Within school, we produce a weekly department newsletter to stimulate wider reading and to help students manage their workload. We also have a very wide range of additional resources to help students develop their appreciation and understanding of what is, for most, a brand new subject.