at Cockermouth School

Religious Studies

Key Stage 4

At GCSE the department offers a course on Religion, Philosophy and Applied Ethics from the perspectives of world religions and humanism. Students will study at least TWO ethical topics eg Relationships, Peace and Justice, undertake an in-depth study of Christianity and Hinduism, and explore deep philosophical questions about the existence and purpose of humankind. They are assessed through two external exams at the end of Year 11.

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Key Stage 5

At A Level the course is in three parts: Philosophy of Religion and Religious Ethics, and the study of Hinduism. Assessment at the end of Year 13 is by externally set exams with three separate papers requiring long essay style responses. Students will need at least a B grade minimum at GCSE in English, Religious Studies or History to cope with the demands of this course.

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Outside the Classroom

The department gets involved in a wide range of activities outside the classroom. Successful and very well attended A Level conferences in Philosophy and Ethics take place every year and our students find that this gives them useful outside stimulus to their studies. We also hold RS master classes for our GCSE students which enable them to extend their knowledge and understanding further.